Shard Rules

1. AFK Macroing is legal on Phoenix Fable, The only restriction is that you do not macro in a public place. It is alright to do so in the comfort of your own home. 

2. Player vs. Player and any robbery/looting attempts must be screenshoted by both sides otherwise the session is null/void and you will be forced to return items and or face severe punishment up to ban or week to month jailtime.

3. Robbery and or PvP drylooting is allowed Up to two times a week, BEWARE we will monitor this and if you Dryloot more then twice a week you will be jailed a month for each time you Dryloot past your quota. (Screenshots apply here aswell) Gold is not applicable and can be robbed at anytime.

4. All members of this community are expected to be the upmost mature as possible. Though we do know that sometimes players lose their cool playing this game, this is not an excuse and this player will leave themselves at the mercy of a staff member. That being said, we will not allow ANY harrassment of any kind, each member is responsible for making everyone's time here as enjoyable as possible. If a player expresses extreme negitive behavior they will be punished.

5. This is strictly a Role Play shard. You MUST be in character at all times. Out of character will not be tolerated. The only out of character we will accept is the exchanging of message program contacts. Save your out of character for ICQ. If you have questions concering basic game play, go to the Game Based Questions forum and post them there, or page a counselor if you see one online. Do not use out of character to ask other players around, as that will ruin the in character environment that we have created.

6. Any OoC habits like "lol" or "Pwnish n00b and leetspeak are frowned upon, and can be punishable.

7. Abusing any "LOS" or line of sight bugs such as casting Area of Damage spells across walls is illegal and you will receive jailtima instantly if caught or suspected of it.

8. Admins, GMs, and Counselors are all considered staff. They are here to make the game function normally, and encourage role play. They do their job to provide you with a fun gaming environment without any pay or benefits to them. Keep this in mind when talking to them. Any disrespect towards them at all will be cause for jailtime/banishment at the discretion of the admins.

9. Offer your best and have a level head about you while ingame or even over messengers, we all play for the same reasons.. to have fun!

10. If you break anyone of these rules you are subject to punishment decided by the staff members, so play nice please, Thank you.


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