Phoenix Fable History
The year is 988, long before the tribes settled and merged the Shabooli are restless and war hungry and the Dalnor fear for there lives but defend themselves to the queue. The Four Gods of Cruelty, Justice, Love, and Prosperity have Neglected there previous agreements and unsettled a major part of the land as news spread from far off Moonglow to the Northern Regions of Yew. 

Very few settlements of Merchants are doing well these days but where they are, they flourish and make a name for themselves. The warriors and the archers agree that this cold era of war and doom will not lift afar anytime soon and the impending fate pursues them all. The Great Waelor has burned what he could to the ground and tortured the Dalnor people as well as the Shabooli he knows no creed nor humanity and destroy with wanton fervor and hate. But as there is darkness Yaela has been there defending her people to the last ounce of faith and goodness, shedding light upon the people and renouncing the Birth of Hatred Waelor and in constant retrospect they battle for the next generation of lives.Facing a hard time and even more contemplative future the people of Britain and outlying regions work hard and steadily to make community with each other not losing hope to this everlasting battle of the immortals and keeping their heads up that maybe someday the world will find peace and serenity.Though not relevant in many parts the Kings’ jurisdiction is almost absolute but for the gods’ negation of it.
There is King Helios governing Britain and outer lying towns such as Moonglow, Yew, Skara Brae, Trinsic, and Nu’jhelm Where as the King Praxis rules the Minority of Serpent’s Hold, Cove, Vesper, and Jhelom. And just like the Gods these Kings battle for greed, land and power.. Never haltering there attacks and never showing mercy. It is true the Kings mind is a corrupted compendium of dark secrets and such is the life of a soul in the land of Phoenix Fable.

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